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Krown Rust Control Depot Continued


It’s important to note the difference between Krown and undercoating.  Undercoating is designed to coat the exposed surfaces with a tar or thick wax based material.  The problem with that type of application is the product cannot penetrate the very tight areas like spot-welds, folds, and seams.  

Undercoatings are also prone to wear & crack over time, so much so that they can actually trap the moisture against the metal surfaces of your vehicle.

Krown Rust Inhibitor solution is applied with a special misting applicator system that allows the product to truly penetrate every area that needs protection, spreading the product into a fine mist that allows the technician to target the hard to reach areas throughout your vehicle.

Krown Rust Inhibitor has the ability to creep into the seams & spot welds, and will form a protective bond with the metal, keeping out the moisture and slowing the corrosion process in a way far superior to old-fashioned undercoat products.

Waterdown Collision’s service team is made up of experienced technicians absolutely dedicated to their jobs and to your satisfaction.  We take customer satisfaction very seriously…It is the driving force behind every service and product that we offer, and we have testimonials from our customers that we take great pride in…to prove it.

When you need Krown Rust Inhibitor products, bring your vehicle to Waterdown Collision.  We’re conveniently located near Clappisons Corners in Flamborough, Ontario at:

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