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Font of car with collision damage

When the first automobile fatality occurred in London in 1896, the coroner remarked: “This must never happen again.” Since that time, over 25 million people have been involved in fatal vehicle-related accidents, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).   Despite the advancements in technology for vehicle safety, the number of fatalities due to auto… Read more »

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Girl Reacting to Car Accident

If you drive a car, your chances of being in a collision at some point in your lifetime is pretty certain. If not as a driver, than as a passenger. The vast majority of these collisions will be of a minor nature, such as a fender bender in a parking lot, and your car is… Read more »

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Man taking a picture of damage cause by a car accident

For car drivers and owners, when out and about, a car accident is one of the worst things that can happen to you. There can be expensive damage to your car, other people’s cars and the horrific prospect of causing injury or death to yourself, your passengers, people in the other car(s) or other people… Read more »

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Whether you’ve just earned your first driver’s license, or you’re a seasoned road warrior, every motorist can benefit from some solid driving advice. Quite often, some of the best tidbits come from our dads, who have racked up quite a few kilometers on their own odometers. That combination of driving savvy and parental care comes… Read more »

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What if you were charged by your auto insurance company for the amount of the time you spent behind the wheel? You would only have to pay for the amount of the time you drive. Does this sound like a great idea? Well this is a “usage-based” insurance idea that is a new insurance choice… Read more »

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Think of the worst cough you’ve ever had. Now imagine you lived with it every day. Imagine you rarely got a break from the coughing. Thick mucous clogs your lungs. You wheeze and feel short of breath. You have to deal with one chest infection after another, possibly even repeated bouts with pneumonia. That painful… Read more »

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