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car driving in the snow

Waterdown Collision advises all drivers to follow these winter car maintenance tips to get you & your vehicle through the winter months. When it comes to getting your back to looking like it’s brand new again, nothing helps your car out more than a great cleaning. After a long, cold and dirty winter, vehicle spring cleaning… Read more »

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driving in winter time

Staying safe on the roads this winter is surely a priority for all drivers in Southern Ontario, especially during inclement weather. There is so much we can do to increase our chances of avoiding a collision. Snow and ice don’t have to beat us this winter. Our family’s safety is paramount while driving any time… Read more »

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Cars aren’t meant to perform all on their own. The right accessories can make your car feel more like home. Though pin striping may not be making a comeback anytime soon, your car could certainly use a little sprucing up during these dreary winter months. The best car accessories can be your car’s best companions…. Read more »

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A man brushing the snow off his car windshield

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to think about all the unique challenges that winter driving presents. With the snow, sleet and ice, plus the howling winds and blinding road conditions in this country, there are plenty of car safety hack tips to help you and your car survive winter. You need to be prepared… Read more »

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setting car alarm

While car theft is on the rise so too is the popularity of car anti-theft devices. Finding the right one for you and your car, will have you sleeping a little better.   There are so many ways for a thief or a vandal to wreck your car, steal your car and wreak havoc on… Read more »

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Rinsing Soap off Car

Washing your car by hand will not improve the appearance of the vehicle, but frequent washing is the best way to help your car maintain a new-car finish. For many vehicle owners, this simple act is something that they take pride in doing, but there are some guidelines to follow so that your car isn’t… Read more »

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