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man on cellphone at the scene of a car accident

When you get into an accident on the road it can be incredibly overwhelming. You will likely have all kinds of questions running through your mind. Is everyone ok? How will this affect my insurance? Once you get over the initial shock, the first thing you’ll likely do is step out of your car to… Read more »

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drinking with car keys on table

In the early 80’s, drinking and driving became much more than frowned upon, it became illegal. With the movement came hiccups. Dad’s that weren’t going to be told they couldn’t have a beer in their own car; roadside tests that were anything but scientific and often not effective; and the slow progress in educating the… Read more »

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talking on phone while driving at night

When we think of distracted driving we all think of texting and driving. In fact, texting and driving is the new kid on the block of distracted driving. With the may of things we decide every day to do while driving, it’s a wonder we ever arrive safely at our destination.  It is not the… Read more »

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femal mechanic with car on hoist

Not only will a regular service schedule keep your vehicle dependable and safe, but it will extend your vehicle’s lifetime on the road. In addition, a proper car maintenance schedule is often necessary to keep your vehicle’s warranty valid. Completing regular maintenance can help save money on future repairs. Routine maintenance helps ensure you don’t… Read more »

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driving at night

Driving at night can add a degree of heightened danger to your journey.  If your headlights aren’t providing the light needed to illuminate the road ahead, a solution will need to be found and fast. If your headlights don’t seem to be doing their job, there are many things that may be causing their failure. If… Read more »

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Man looking at car paint job

Remember when you first got your car. Even if it was pre-owned, it came to you all shined up and looking beautiful. But then it happened. An unexpected hail storm. A runaway shopping cart at the grocery store. Some careless jerk who parked too close and then bumped your baby with his door. Suddenly you’ve… Read more »

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