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Trying to strike a balance between your travel dreams and a weak Canadian dollar?  Fill the gaps in your bucket list with these unforgettable Ontario road trips, found right in your backyard. Niagara Falls Travel Ideas Not just for honeymooners. If you haven’t taken a road trip to Niagara falls for a while, now is… Read more »

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You were in a collision and the last time you saw your car, it was a banged-up hunk of metal getting towed away from the accident scene. Now it’s at the auto body repair shop needing a whole lot of body work including repairing the paint that was damaged in the collision. Your insurance company… Read more »

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  September Shampoo $159.99 Interior Shampoo special September 1st to 30th   Summer is now over and it’s time to get your car back-to-school ready. You’ve probably cleaned the exterior of your car over the course of the summer, but have you cleaned the interior of your car? Now is the perfect time to shampoo… Read more »

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If you have been in a car accident, remember these steps to ensure your rights are protected!   Whether you find yourself on the freeway or in a residential neighbourhood, any type of car accident requires you to follow a certain procedure to make sure you are not putting your rights at risk or breaking… Read more »

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Getting into a car accident can be a devastating event and lead to several unwanted consequences, including permanent injuries, loss of earnings and death. On our roads every day, drivers and their passengers are involved in road collisions with the majority of these accidents being attributed to human error. In today’s fast pace society, multi-tasking… Read more »

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The car is an invention that has changed our lives and transformed the way we live by opening the doors to private transport. Since the inception of the automobile, our vehicles have been radically altered to embrace emerging trends and their development is an ongoing evolution. Car designs have changed quite a bit since they… Read more »

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To be a safe driver, you must know the traffic laws and driving practices to move traffic safely because breaking these rules is the major cause of collisions. Traffic laws are made by federal, provincial and municipal governments and the police enforce them at each level. Breaking the law may result in being fined, losing… Read more »

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Damage to your windshield or windows in your car can be a big nuisance, especially since most of the time this damage is by no fault of the driver. Damage to your windshield can happen by fluke as a result of gravel or remains on the roads or other nearby vehicles. The other problem with… Read more »

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