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We were all taught the golden rule of safe driving. No, not the one your mother told you about always wearing clean underwear, the other golden rule. Defensive driving saves lives! In our society of fast paced, goal oriented ways, that rule is definitely giving way to aggressive driving and in some cases, road rage…. Read more »

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Even though modern cars are essentially rolling computers with chips controlling everything in your car, we’re still using small squares of reflective glass to see what’s behind us. However, the day is on the horizon to replace mirrors with high-definition back-up cameras streaming video to small dashboard displays. Telsa Motors and a dozen other automakers… Read more »

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No matter how careful we are putting the car in reverse, we sometimes fail to check a blind spot and we cringe hearing the crunch of the bumper meeting a barricade. In the past, this fiasco meant a trip to the auto-parts store to pick up some cheap body filler and a can of spray… Read more »

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As an attempt at reducing the weight of a vehicle to help in its energy efficiency, many car manufacturers are making its body from aluminum. Pound for pound, aluminum is stronger than steel, and it is being seen as the potential answer to energy efficiency issues. It is claimed that constructing a car body from… Read more »

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For most Canadian households, having at least one vehicle is a necessity, but changing seasons, road salt, and humidity all wreak havoc on our vehicles in the form of rust. Left unchecked, rust is one of the biggest threats to cars and trucks in Canada, causing them to lose their value and become structurally unsound…. Read more »

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Show how much you care this Christmas with this “Spotless” Gift Idea! The perfect gift for those that are “HARD-TO-BUY-FOR”!!   – Gift Certificates – INTERIOR & EXTERIOR Vehicle Cleaning & Shampoo   $159.00 $350.00 value for $159.00 ($191 OFF)   This is a ONE-TIME Promotional Offer!! Valid from December 1 to December 31, 2019…. Read more »

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