Current Regulations for Child Car Seats in Ontario

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It’s important, for a child’s safety, to understand the various rules and regulations that are set in place by the government of Ontario regarding the recommended and proper uses of child car seats. Choosing the proper child car seat depends on a number of factors and depends mainly on the child’s weight but is also… Read more »

Keeping Pets Safe in Cars

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retrievers in hatchback

Taking your furry best friend along with you for car rides and road trip adventures sounds perfect, but pets don’t always travel exactly like humans. They don’t know how to put on a seatbelt; they are so excited about the trip they may want to run around the whole car and see out every window;… Read more »

5 Top Tips for Winter Driving

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driving in winter time

Staying safe on the roads this winter is surely a priority for all drivers in Southern Ontario, especially during inclement weather. There is so much we can do to increase our chances of avoiding a collision. Snow and ice don’t have to beat us this winter. Our family’s safety is paramount while driving any time… Read more »

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