Smart Winter Car Hacks

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A man brushing the snow off his car windshield

With winter fast approaching, it’s time to think about all the unique challenges that winter driving presents. With the snow, sleet and ice, plus the howling winds and blinding road conditions in this country, there are plenty of car safety hack tips to help you and your car survive winter. You need to be prepared… Read more »

Best Way to Wash a Car

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Rinsing Soap off Car

Washing your car by hand will not improve the appearance of the vehicle, but frequent washing is the best way to help your car maintain a new-car finish. For many vehicle owners, this simple act is something that they take pride in doing, but there are some guidelines to follow so that your car isn’t… Read more »

Engine Block Cleaning Tips

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As the spring shoots begin to pop up, the days get lighter, and the edge is taken off that cold winter chill, we get ready for a time of renewal. And for a lot of people that means a spring clean – your chance to shake off the winter and prepare for the new year… Read more »

What is Krown Rust Control?

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For most Canadian households, having at least one vehicle is a necessity, but changing seasons, road salt, and humidity all wreak havoc on our vehicles in the form of rust. Left unchecked, rust is one of the biggest threats to cars and trucks in Canada, causing them to lose their value and become structurally unsound…. Read more »

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