The Best Car Accessories

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Cars aren’t meant to perform all on their own. The right accessories can make your car feel more like home. Though pin striping may not be making a comeback anytime soon, your car could certainly use a little sprucing up during these dreary winter months. The best car accessories can be your car’s best companions…. Read more »

All About Blind Spot Monitors

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At Waterdown Collision, we’re the experts at repairing vehicles that have been involved in accidents.  Sometimes these accidents are from nature, like hailstorms or fallen branches.  Other times, they are caused from things you’ve done a thousand times like lane changes, or merging with traffic on the highway.  Fortunately, cars these days are getting smarter… Read more »

Bucket List Worthy Ontario Road Trips

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Trying to strike a balance between your travel dreams and a weak Canadian dollar?  Fill the gaps in your bucket list with these unforgettable Ontario road trips, found right in your backyard. Niagara Falls Travel Ideas Not just for honeymooners. If you haven’t taken a road trip to Niagara falls for a while, now is… Read more »

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