The Leading Causes of Car Accidents

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Font of car with collision damage

When the first automobile fatality occurred in London in 1896, the coroner remarked: “This must never happen again.” Since that time, over 25 million people have been involved in fatal vehicle-related accidents, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).   Despite the advancements in technology for vehicle safety, the number of fatalities due to auto… Read more »

The Future of Car Mirrors – Back-up Cameras

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Even though modern cars are essentially rolling computers with chips controlling everything in your car, we’re still using small squares of reflective glass to see what’s behind us. However, the day is on the horizon to replace mirrors with high-definition back-up cameras streaming video to small dashboard displays. Telsa Motors and a dozen other automakers… Read more »

The Evolution of Car Design

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The car is an invention that has changed our lives and transformed the way we live by opening the doors to private transport. Since the inception of the automobile, our vehicles have been radically altered to embrace emerging trends and their development is an ongoing evolution. Car designs have changed quite a bit since they… Read more »

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