Girl Reacting to Car Accident

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If you drive a car, your chances of being in a collision at some point in your lifetime is pretty certain. If not as a driver, than as a passenger. The vast majority of these collisions will be of a minor nature, such as a fender bender in a parking lot, and your car is likely to be the only thing damaged.

Girl Reacting to Car Accident


If we were on family feud, and the question was which is the most commonly damaged car part in a collision the answers would be easy to fill but which one is number one? Well, the front bumper of course.

Front Bumper Damage

While rear-ending accidents are the most common type of automobile collision, the front bumper wins this race every time. The front bumper accounts for nearly a third of all accident damage. While head on accidents aren’t nearly as common, rear end accidents provide damage to other cars. The front end is also vulnerable to so many other obstacles. An icy snow bank, for instance, can crack that fiberglass or plastic bumper cover. Once a crack is initiated, it’s sure to spread. We’ve all parked too close to that wall, garage door, or parking median? Yep, it’s happened to all of us, and if you’re lucky, you’ll come away unscathed. More times than not, though, that long walk around to the front of your car unveils the symptoms of the miscalculation. While bumpers are designed to protect the rest of the front end of the car, at almost all driving speeds the front bumper is likely to suffer some damage.

Broken Headlights

It’s no surprise that headlights are among the most damaged parts of a car during an automobile accident. Made of rigid plastic and covering both edges of the front end, headlights take a beating. The location of least resistance will take the hit first, and headlights fall into this category.

Fenders and Collisions

Fender are tied with the headlights when it comes to damage. While not nearly as delicate as the headlights, fenders just seem to ask for trouble. Many are subjected to sides of our garage doors, fences and can really suffer during a side end collision.

Fix Car Grille Damage

Damage to the grille represents twenty percent of all damage during collision. Why isn’t damage to the grille as common as headlights? Simply because drivers tend to swerve in anticipation of impact. The grille is often saved in the process of trying to avoid an accident.

Wheels Damage and Repair in Waterdown

Wheels take a beating. That is why they represent fifteen percent of all damage done to vehicles in a collision. Because of their location on all four corners of the car, they are vulnerable in any kind of collision. They are also prone to other kinds of damage. Nails, curbs, potholes and road debris are all enemies to your wheels. Thankfully, it’s normally just one tire that needs repair, and not all four tires.

While any damage to your car is not good, most collisions do not lead to bodily harm thanks to safety belts and car engineering. Car parts are easily replaced, and dent repairs can be fixed in a snap by our talented mechanics at Waterdown Collision. Contact our Collision Repair Shop today for any type of vehicle collision damage or body work that you need fixed.

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