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For many of us, our car is more than just a means of transportation. Door dings and rust can be upsetting. Damage greater then this can send us into a tailspin. When you’ve been in a car accident, finding the right body shop is imperative for your vehicle. Returning your car to its original state is crucial but choosing a body shop can be full of unknowns, especially if you don’t do your research.

Car Sponge


The damage to your vehicle may be minor, or an accident may have caused extensive damage. Whether you are dealing with your insurance company or paying for the repairs yourself there is a checklist of things to be considered before you hand over your beloved car.

When in Doubt, Ask Questions

Asking the right questions before service begins is wise. How does their warranty work and how long are the parts and service warranted for? What kind of parts will be used? No one wants to be paying for a new bumper only to find out is wasn’t new at all. Also, ensure any body shop you use has their own insurance. This insurance should include fire and theft.

Get Auto Restoration Referrals

Word of mouth is a great way to feel confident in your choice of a body shop. If your friends and family have had a great experience, chances are you will too. Choose a body shop that understands your fear in choosing the right people to do the job. Having to take your car in for any repairs because of an accident is a stressful time. Good reviews of any body shop should include tales of comfort while dealing with their body shop of choice.

Also, be certain to look at online reviews and read what other people have to say. Detailed reviews can tell you a lot about a collision repair facility operates that you won’t find anywhere else. We at Waterdown Collision are very proud of our reviews.

Collision Shop Location

If you are going through your insurance company to have repairs completed, they will surely have their own list of reputable body shops. It’s important to know that you are not required to go with any of these. You might indeed feel more comfortable choosing a body shop closer to home, work or an area that is easy to access and that you are familiar with. This will certainly be more convenient when it comes time for pick up and drop off. Shopping locally for anything has its advantages. Body shops are no different

Credentials are Important

When you enlist the help of a body shop, you want the professionals. Don’t just assume that you are going to get what you paid for. Ask all potential body shops for their credentials such as how long they’ve been in business, and testimonials. If it’s not on their website, inquire how long they have been in business. And finally, get several estimates and have your final choice approved by your insurance company.

Don’t trust your damaged car to just anyone. Feel confident in your choice of body shops when you take these steps in choosing. Having your car in the shop for any reason can disrupt your life and cause us anxiety. Knowing your car is in the best hands can ease your stress making you feel a little better about being without that beloved vehicle, even if it’s just for a time.

For fantastic auto body and collision repair in the Waterdown area, contact Waterdown Collision today.  We encourage you to ask any questions you may have as well as to read our reviews and collision shop testimonials.

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