Get Your Car Ready for Spring!

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Now that we’re coming into the last stretch of a long and extremely harsh winter, it’s time to start thinking about getting your car prepared for the arrival of spring. Winter driving wreaks havoc on cars with more idling time for your vehicles and extended warm up times. Those rutted roads pound on the suspension… Read more »

How long will it take to fix my car?

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Unfortunately, the short answer to that question is, “it depends.” The damage inflicted on a car in one collision can vary widely from the damage sustained to another car in another crash. With different auto body types, different internal mechanisms depending on manufacturer specifications, and different intensities of impact, the amount of time it will… Read more »

Should I Carry Collision Insurance for My Low Value Car?

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Auto insurance is one of the unavoidable costs of owning your car and by law you must have insurance. According to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, if you own a vehicle in Ontario, you are required to, at the very least, purchase the following automobile insurance coverage:     Third-Party Liability Coverage: Protects… Read more »

Winter Car Washing Tips

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Keeping a clean car in the winter can be a real challenge in a Canadian climate, but it is important for your car’s maintenance to give it a good wash when things get out of hand with sand and salt mixed with ice and snow on the roads. Here are some tips and tricks to… Read more »

Buckle Up For Safety

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Seat belts save lives because they are the first line of defense for you and passengers in your vehicle against injuries or death when riding in an automobile. Driving without a seat belt is a big gamble, but taking just a few moments to buckle up can make the difference between a safe ride home… Read more »

How to drive safely in winter

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Driving safely through the winter requires not only skill behind the wheel, but some preparation before you head out onto the road. With some preparedness, attentiveness, and patience, you’ll be able navigate through treacherous winter driving conditions, and make it to your destination safely. What to do before you head out Proper maintenance and monitoring… Read more »

Headlight Safety & Maintenance

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Most car owners never think twice about their headlights and take their vehicle lighting for granted. Let’s face it; headlights are not necessarily the biggest selling feature when you’re shopping around for a car. However, when you think about it, headlights are among the most important parts of a car in terms of safety because… Read more »

Common DIY Car Paint Mistakes

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I’ll never forget my neighbour’s car when he tried to touch up a few scratches and dents on his Blue Toyota Yaris. One dent was from a ding from a golf ball on his trunk.  Most of the scratches were on his door from shopping carts lost in the wind, as well as a few… Read more »

Winter Tire Safety Tips Help Prevent Flying Wheels

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As temperatures plummet with the onset of winter bringing snowy or icy conditions along our roadways, the experts at Transport Canada strongly suggest installing a proper set of winter tires for safe winter driving. They state that winter tires are better than all-season tires when motorists drive their vehicles during the frigid winter months. While… Read more »

Winter Storm Sweeps Across Ontario

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Ontario got its first blast of winter as Environment Canada issued a warning that some regions could be hit with upwards of 20 centimeters of snow. What began as a nor’easter turned into a slow moving storm that made its way across Atlantic Canada into Quebec (15-20 cm) and eastern Ontario (15-20 cm) before sweeping… Read more »

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