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Car with snow on it

The warmer weather is coming to an end, and we all know the weather coming our way can be brutal on the best of days. The cold is a great incentive for staying home where it’s nice and warm, but what about those days when you have to leave the house for work, prior commitments,… Read more »

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safe driving

We all know that driving can be dangerous. Although you can control what can be done behind your own wheel, unfortunately you can’t control what happens behind everyone else’s. The next best thing is to become a defensive driver. A defensive driver is someone who remains alert and ready for whatever may happen while on the… Read more »

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new black bmw

When car shopping, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. The large amount of information regarding different makes and models’ warranties, insurance rates and fuel economies can get confusing. But, good news for you: there’s really one important factor to consider when choosing your new vehicle. Although not often considered by most car buyers, this crucial feature… Read more »

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Texting and driving

In the early 80’s, drinking and driving became illegal. Impaired driving has been in the fore front ever since. Forty years later, texting and driving has become the deadliest distraction on the road since the days of “one for the road.” The technology in smartphones came about faster than our common sense could keep up with…. Read more »

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In the past, cars with automatic transmission were considered futuristic. Decades later, the newest in automobile technology is offering automatic braking and if you don’t know how this could actually work, here’s the low down on these DIY cars. Can This Technology Be Trusted? The automatic braking system might be a fairly new option in… Read more »

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totaled car

Thankfully in most cases, a car accident does not mean the end for your vehicle. But what about those times when it does? What happens when your car is totaled in an accident? You may be feeling stressed about having been involved in an accident and you will certainly be inconvenienced by not having your… Read more »

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Black bumper car scratched with deep damage to the paint.

Although it is possible to repair your car’s paint scratch yourself, it is usually a lot more difficult than you originally envisioned it being. In the end, all your work and stress may be for naught if your scratch is still noticeable. Below are some points to consider prior to choosing to repair your car’s… Read more »

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