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In the past, cars with automatic transmission were considered futuristic. Decades later, the newest in automobile technology is offering automatic braking and if you don’t know how this could actually work, here’s the low down on these DIY cars. Can This Technology Be Trusted? The automatic braking system might be a fairly new option in… Read more »

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totaled car

Thankfully in most cases, a car accident does not mean the end for your vehicle. But what about those times when it does? What happens when your car is totaled in an accident? You may be feeling stressed about having been involved in an accident and you will certainly be inconvenienced by not having your… Read more »

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Black bumper car scratched with deep damage to the paint.

Although it is possible to repair your car’s paint scratch yourself, it is usually a lot more difficult than you originally envisioned it being. In the end, all your work and stress may be for naught if your scratch is still noticeable. Below are some points to consider prior to choosing to repair your car’s… Read more »

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roadside repair kit

We’ve all had them. You can’t be too prepared for them and now, with a little time and investment, you can rest assured that the next time you suffer from an emergency on the road, you will be just a little more prepared. Emergency kits are popular in the home. In the event of a… Read more »

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Dante's Car Wash

Can getting your car washed and having a day of family fun help save lives? We believe it can! For just $20, on Saturday, May 13 from 10 am to 2 pm, you can bring your vehicle – car, truck, jeep, van, SUV, whatever you’ve got – and experience a great cleaning inside and out,… Read more »

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Man rinsing his car

If your car looks like it has seen better days, your calendar is probably telling you that it’s late winter. Your car is not immune to the effects of the cold winter months. Maybe it’s time to show it a little TLC and do a little car spring clean. Salt and sand can have your… Read more »

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Winter driving in the city

Winter driving is hazardous enough, even before black ice gets thrown into the mix. Arguably one of the worst dangers that drivers face in the winter, black ice cannot be seen easily and can be almost invisible to the human eye. Black ice appears to be the same colour as the road beneath because it’s… Read more »

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